Women Reclaiming and Redefining Culture Programme

Exploring 'culture', women and violence:
Women Reclaiming and Re-defining Culture Programme

In October 2008, the Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women joined the Women Reclaiming and Re-defining Culture (WRRC), a three-year programme initiated by the international solidarity network, and the Institute for Women’s Empowerment (IWE). The programme aims to develop and implement strategies for women’s empowerment that are culturally appropriate and meaningful to women in their local contexts, as a means of achieving 3 on : . The Programme’s overarching thematic area of “culture”, sexuality and violence against women is premised on our view that MDG3 can only be meaningfully attained if violence against women is eradicated systematically, if women have autonomy in expressing their sexuality and if ‘culture’ is no longer acceptable, in any guise, as justification for women’s oppression. The SKSW’s contribution to this programme is to expose the inter-connections between these three areas of concern – for example, how violence against women is systematically perpetuated by the use of ‘culture’ as a tool of legitimisation and how culturally legitimised regimes of violence control women’s right to self-determination through control of their bodies and their sexuality. To this end, the SKSW Campaign is undertaking projects on “culture”, women and violence with partners in Senegal, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia including Aceh, Iran and Sudan.

Please click the links below to read more about our partners and their activities in these contexts.


Nigeria: BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights

Pakistan: Shirkat Gah: Women's Resource Centre

Senegal: GREFELS

Sudan: Salmah Resource Centre