Allah Dewaya

April 8, 2008
Pakistan Daily Times

LAHORE: Allah Dewaya, a victim of honour violence, is still under treatment at Nishtar Hospital and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is still in the process of ascertaining the reasons of the violence.

HRCP (Multan) Spokesman Rashid Rehman told Daily Times on Monday that the HRCP was still probing into the matter and would decide in a couple of days whether to take up the case or not.

5 women


Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-182-2008

PAKISTAN: Five women buried alive, allegedly by the brother of a minister

ISSUES: Honour killing; violence against women; impunity; no investigation; abduction; murder

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Nasim Boota

April 8, 2008

A 35-year-old woman was strangled by her husband over honour in the Ichhra police precinct on Tuesday. The police said Muhammad Boota, a resident of servant quarters in GOR-III, had a grudge against his wife, Nasim, for developing illicit relations with a man in their neighbourhood.

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February 17, 2008

A 33 year old mother of six was shot dead by her brother on suspicion that she had developed 'illicit relations' with other men.

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Unnamed Girl

November 29, 2007

A young Pakistani girl was axed to death by her father who was suspicious that she was having an affair with Amjad, a youngster in Jhang tehsil in Punjab province.

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September 2007

Samina, mother of two, was shot dead by her brother in law, after relocating to her father`s house to escape marital differences with her drug-addicted husband, Mithal Korkani. Her two sons were kidnapped, and Samina’s mother, Nazan, and two other relatives, Imam Bakhsh and Wahid Bakhsh, were injured during the incident.

Her brother in law alleged that Samina had had sexual relations with one of his relatives.

Reported in The Dawn

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July 2007

Jamila, aged 40, divorced her husband some years ago. She was living with her five daughters and two sons in the village of Maral. Her eldest son, Rafaqat, suspecting her of having ‘illicit’ relations with one of their neighbours, shot her in the head.

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July 2007

Najma Ali Kaheri was strangled by her husband in Ali Murad Kaheri village, on the suspicion that she had developed ‘illicit’ relations with someone.

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Naseem Khatoon

July 2007

Naseem Khatoon, married to Mohammad Hashim, was hacked to death with a hatchet by her brother, Mumtaz Ali, because he suspected her of having an extra-marrital affair. Mumtaz Ali surrendered himself to police. No case was registered.

Reported in The News International

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