Sanaa Awadkareem

Sanaa Awadkareem was forced into marriage and then disfigured with acid by her estranged husband.

The tragedy of Sanaa Awadalkareem, a victim of a unique case of domestic violence of the worst kind, became a case of public interest when it was highlighted in local and international news articles, first published in Alrayaam newspaper (Sudan) and consequently on Sudanesonline (an electronic news outlet, concerned with issues pertaining to the Sudan; ).

Unnamed Girl

Crime: “Adultery”
May 2003

An unnamed 14 year old girl who was 9 months pregnant was arrested by the Peoples Police Force in the Wihida neighbourhood of Nyala, Darfur and sentenced to 100 lashes of the whip for the crime of “adultery”, in the Wihida neighbourhood of Nyala, Darfur. A 25-year old businessman, Alsir Sabeel Nour Aldeen, was charged in connection with the incident, but was found not guilty and freed “for the lack of evidence.”

For more information, see 2003 Report on the Human Rights Situation in Sudan by the Sudanese Organization against Torture (SOAT)

Aziza Salih Adam

Crime: Not wearing socks to cover her feet
June 2003

On 1 June 2003, 15 year old Aziza Salih Adam was sentenced to 30 lashes of the whip by the District Court (Mahkamat Al- Muhafiza, formerly known as the Public Order Court, Al- Nizam Al- ‘Aam) in Nyala, Western Darfur. Aziza, who works as an assistant to street- vendor selling tea in the Wehda district of Nyala, received this sentence for not wearing socks to cover her feet. The punishment was carried out on the same day as the sentencing.


Um Alnas Mohamed Ahmed (21), Hanan Abdulrahman Mohamed (19), Hagir Mohamed Ahmed (18), Nimat Abakr Abdelgadir (19), Rasha Bahr Aldin Adam (18), Fatima Abdulla Adam (20), Gada Mosa Hamid (18), Shamael Omar Fadl (22), Hawa Yousif Abdelgadir (18), Fathia Ahmed Abdulrahman (18), Laila Adam Siraj (20), Kaltoum Isam Adam (22), Rawda Abdelgabar Mohamed (20), Zahra Hassan Ali

Sadia Idries Fadul (Pending)

Sadria Idries Fadul is a 22 year old woman from Tama tribe in Darfur. She was charged on February 13, 2007, to execution by stoning for committing adultery by the criminal court of Al-Azazi, Managil province, Gazeera state.

Amouna Abdallah Daldoum (Pending)

Amounda Abdallah Daldoum is a 23 years old Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery on March 6, 2007 by the criminal court of Al-Azazi, Managil province, Gazeera state. She was charged under article 146 (a) of Sudan’s 1991 Penal Code, which states that whoever commits the offence of adultery shall be punished with: a) execution by stoning when the offender is married (Muhsan); b) one hundred lashes when the offender is not married (non-muhsan)." She has since appealed the judgement.