Egypt Cleric 'to ban full veils'

The niqab has become increasingly popular among Egypt's Muslim radicals

Egypt's highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women's veils, known as the niqab.

Egypt Has Yet to Feel Impact of FGM Ban

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By Iman Azzi
WeNews correspondent

Egypt's Villages Fight Female Genital Mutilation

Egypt's Villages Fight Female Genital Mutilation

By Womens Feature Service

Justice Majida Rizvi: Treat honour killing as homicide

DOHA: Honour killing should be considered as any other homicidal activity, according to an expert.

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CAIRO: A farmer has been arrested for strangling and decapitating his daughter over suspicions that she was having a relationship with a man in their village in southern Egypt, state news age

Hoda Salem

December 14, 2007

Ibrahim Ali and Hoda Salem were married in the village of Al-Quba in the Nile Delta. On their wedding night, residents heard Salem screaming and found her on the floor, al-Arabiya reported. Salem said that her husband had stabbed her. She died at the hospital. Ali, after his arrest, said that he was unable to break his wife's hymen on the wedding night, leading him to conclude that she was sexually experienced, the report said.

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Female Circumcision - Female Genital Mutilation

Publication Date: 
May, 2007

Egyptian villagers explain why they circumcise their daughters. This is an excerpt from a television program about female circumcision in Egypt, which aired on Egyptian TV on May 10, 2007.