Afghan singer fears honor killings

KABUL (AFP) — Lema Sahar never ventured out in public without an all-enveloping burqa -- not until she jumped on stage and sang her heart out in the Afghan version of "American Idol".

Unnamed Woman

An Afghan woman commits self-immolation in Herat

This is the third case of self-immolation by Afghan women in Herat which is being reported in the past two weeks.

AFGHANISTAN: Butchered in the name of honour

KABUL, 8 January 2009 (IRIN) - Maryam, 14, was raped by a man in the Yakawlang District of Bamyan Province, central Afghanistan, five months ago.

Two Afghani Schoolgirls

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Two men on a motorcycle used water pistols to spray acid on girls walking to school Wednesday in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, blinding at least two of them, milit

Driven to a Fiery Death — The Tragedy of Self-Immolation in Afghanistan

Publication Date: 
May, 2008

Volume 358:2201-2203 May 22, 2008 Number 21

Afghanistan, a country with 32 million residents, has been engaged in constant conflict for the past 30 years. This instability and insecurity have resulted in a stark economic climate and a very low life expectancy.