SILENCE IS VIOLENCE End the Abuse of Women in Afghanistan

Publication Date: 
July, 2009

Afghanistan is widely known and appreciated for its rich history, culture, literature and
arts as well as its magnificent landscape. It is also widely known that large numbers of
Afghans die, or live wretched lives, because violence is an everyday fact of life. Such
violence is not openly condoned but neither is it challenged nor condemned by society at
large or by state institutions. It is primarily human rights activists that make an issue of
violence including, in particular, its impact on, and ramifications for, women and girls in
Afghanistan. It is also left to a handful of stakeholders to challenge the way in which a
culture of impunity, and the cycle of violence it generates, undermines democratization,
the establishment of the rule of law and other efforts geared to building an environment
conducive to respect for human rights.

Afghanistan Tones Down Contentious Marriage Law

By RAHIM FAIEZ and HEIDI VOGT, Associated Press Writers
July 9, 2009

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Huma's Story - Forced Child Marriage - Abuse, Torture, Escape

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Afghanistan: Girls targeted in gas attack

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