Tunisia's Election Through the Eyes of Women

Publication Date: 
October 23, 2011
Al Jazeera
Tunisia's fledgeling democracy offers particular challenges and opportunities for the nation's women [REUTERS]

Al Jazeera speaks to Tunisian women from across the political spectrum about their hopes and fears for Sunday's poll.

The role of women in the new Tunisia has been a controversial issue throughout the transitional period, with some fearful that they would lose precious rights from the previous era, and others arguing for a return to traditional values.

Early on in the democratic transition, an ambitious  was introduced to ensure women would have a voice in the constituent assembly.

For some, however, this law did not go far enough. There are no gender quotas for seats in the assembly, for example.

Iran: 280 Activists Condemn Flogging Sentence for Marzieh Vafamehr

Publication Date: 
October 21, 2011
"My Tehran for Sale"

A issued on behalf of 280 Iranian cultural and social activists is expressing their support for Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr, who has been sentenced to flogging for her role in “My Tehran for Sale.”

Vafamehr has been sentenced to one year in prison and 90 lashes for playing the lead role in the film by Geranaz Mousavi.

The project was conceived as a 40-minute film, for which the filmmaker had acquired permission from Iran’s Ministry of Guidance. It was completed as a feature-length film and was distributed in Tehran after completion.

Germany: Support & Counselling for Muslim Women in Germany

Publication Date: 
March 30, 2008
Women's E News
Rabeya Mueller, a founder of ZIF. The Centre combines religious theory with a help hotline and counselling center.

Cologne (WeNews\WFS) – Most of Louise Becker's 12-hour workdays are hidden behind a bright orange door in suburban Cologne, Germany. There she counsels Muslim women through family and marriage problems. The meetings are secret to prevent harassment from the women's husbands, fathers and brothers.

Becker, 70, a German who converted to Islam 45 years ago, has helped women with crises of sexuality, faith and abusive relationships.

Senegal: Progress in Movement to End Genital Cutting

Publication Date: 
October 16, 2011
New York Times
New York Times reporter Celia Dugger reports from West Africa on progress in community-based efforts to eradicate FGC.

SARE HAROUNA, Senegal — When Aissatou Kande was a little girl, her family followed a tradition considered essential to her suitability to marry. Her clitoris was sliced off with nothing to dull the pain.

But on her wedding day, Ms. Kande, her head modestly covered in a plain white shawl, vowed to protect her own daughters from the same ancient custom. Days later, her village declared it would abandon female for good.

Across the continent, an it.

Lebanon: Engaging Men in Ending Violence Against Women

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2011
Peace x Peace
"With all my force ... against violence" - Men saying no to violence against women campaign, Lebanon (Credit: ABAAD)

“Ending violence against women and having a society that truly espouses the principles of gender equality can only be done when men and women work together, side by side, as partners in achieving that goal.”

In an ever changing world, new Dimensions are needed in the fight to end violence against women and create a gender equal society. ABAAD (Dimensions) Resource Center for Gender Equality, a recently established Lebanese non-profit, non-politically affiliated and non-religious civil society organization, is working toward gender equality as an essential condition for sustainable social and economic development in the Middle East.

Statement of the Gender Dynamic Coalition at the UN Internet Governance Forum 2011

Publication Date: 
September 30, 2011
GenderIT/VNC Networkers

The 6th UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was held in Nairobi between 27-30 September 2011, and was attended by a representative of the VNC Campaign / WLUML.  In addition to panels and workshops, the IGF brings together a number of Dynamic Coalitions working on specific themes, one of which is on gender.  This year, the VNC represenative joined the Dynamic Coalition on Gender and contributed to the statement issued on the last day of the Forum.  The statement below criticizes the continued gender imbalance in the participation and the substance of the discussions at the IGF, and supports the call issued by the Association of Progressive Communications, and others, to make human rights the theme of the IGF in 2012 and emphasise a rights-based approach instead of protectionist solutions.

Confronting Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls in Chad.

Publication Date: 
September, 2011

UNICEF's Cheryl Uys-Allie reports on initiatives led by women to confront gender-based violence against women and girls in Chad. Watch the video below.

Chad: Women Activists Against Gender-Based Violence

Publication Date: 
September 7, 2011

LAI, Chad, 7 September 2011 – A brave mother, Hadjara Oumarou, sat under a tree with her estranged husband, Oumar Sidik, outside their local village courthouse here in Chad’s Tandjilé District. Their 10-year-old daughter Amira (not her real name) sat between them.

They were at the courthouse because Mr. Sidik had sold Amira for the equivalent of $120. When the man who ‘bought’ her visited Ms. Oumarou to demand his bride, she refused to give her up, insisting that she attend school before she marries.

Yemen: Women Toppling 'Tradition'

Publication Date: 
October 10, 2011
Women display their hands painted red, symbolizing bloodshed, and blue, symbolizing peace, during a demonstration 28 Sept 2011.

The leading participation of Yemeni women in their country’s revolt is raising hopes that regime change may bring along a mini revolution in the public and political role of women

Taiz — Yemeni women did not merely challenge the taboos surrounding their blackchadors, and break away from the isolation of their homes as they marched to the various liberation squares across the country. They may be precipitating a minor revolution against Yemen’s conservative customs and traditions. 

Egypt: Election Monitoring from Gender Perspective

Publication Date: 
September 14, 2011

(Cairo, 14 September 2011) In its continuing effort to enhance women's role in the Egyptian political sphere and follow the mechanisms and means that guarantee equality in women's representation, ECWR is going to monitor the 2011 Parliamentary and Shoura Elections from a gender perspective. For this purpose, ECWR is preparing its Operation Room that will be in charge of the monitoring and will undertake the following missions: