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Saudi Arabia: We Say "Yes" to Women's Full Enjoyment of their Rights

Publication Date: 
October 2, 2011
Violence is Not our Culture
Violence is Not our Culture (VNC)

The Violence is Not our Culture (VNC) Campaign welcomes long awaited and recent reforms announced by King Abdullah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz Al Saud, that promise to gives Saudi Arabian women the rights to vote and run for office in municipal council elections, and to become full voting members of the next Shura council. The promise to increase women’s participation in civic life is a tribute to women’s efforts on the ground who have been campaigning inside the country, despite strict and rigid opposition.

However the measure remains, in King Abdullah’s own words, a “cautious reform”.

VNC Campaign Join Hands with NGOs' in raising concerns on UN Study on 'Traditional Values'

Publication Date: 
July 30, 2011
VNC Campaign

The VNC Campaign join hands with numerous international, regional and national NGOs from all over the world in expressing their concerns on the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 16/3 passed last March 2011) for a " study on how a better understanding and appreciation of traditional values of dignity, freedom and responsibility can contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights”. 

The resolution, sponsored by the Russian Federation, has been the subject of much concern for many NGOs working on issues around women's rights, sexual and reproductive health rights, and rights relating to sexual orientation and gender identity (amongst others), due to its close relation to an agenda of cultural relativism and the desire to undermine the universality of human rights.

We Condemn the Norway Carnage as a Terrorist Act

Publication Date: 
July 27, 2011
VNC Campaign
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The Violence is Not our Culture campaign (VNC Campaign) expresses its deepest sorrows to the people of Norway following the horrible terrorist attacks in Oslo that left some 76 persons dead.  The VNC campaign condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist acts in Norway as well as the extremist, bigoted and racist ideology that underpins it. 

'Culturally-justified' violence occurs in all faiths, nations, and societies.  In the midst of tremendous grieving, we are reminded of the dangers of right-wing extremism, Christian fundamentalism, and bigoted anti-Muslim sentiments that can and do turn deadly.

Malaysia: The Obedient Wives’ Club Signals State’s Failure to Uphold Women’s Rights in the Family

The ASEAN Progressive Muslim Movement (APMM), a network of twenty one (21) non-governmental organizations working for the protection and promotion of women’s rights in the ASEAN region, jointly with and the Global Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women in the name of "Culture" (), view the recent formation of The Obedient Wives’ Club (OWC) in Malaysia as disturbing and offensive. The Syarie Lawyers Association (PGSM) in Malaysia has attacked the Club for encouraging women to fulfill their husbands' needs by being "good prostitutes".

Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill is Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Democratic: ACT NOW TO STOP IT!

The Global Campaign to Stop VAW in the name of "Culture"  (VNC Campaign) extends our unequivocal solidarity with the Ugandan lesbians, gays and other progressive citizens that continue to fight against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda.  The Bill is explicitly anti-human rights and anti-democratic and contravenes the African Charter on Human and People's Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and other international human rights treaties to which Uganda is a party.  National dialogue and understanding of homosexuality in Uganda is widely known to being strongly influenced by American Evangelical Christians, some of whom visited the country and took part in an anti-homosexuality conference that immediately preceded the filing of the anti-homosexuality bill in the parliament in 2009. David Kato, the LGBT rights activist whose extra-judicial killing caused  worldwide public outcry was one of the main advocates campaigning against the bill, and received numerous death threats for his activism.

VNC: Secure the independence of women's shelters in Afghanistan.

Publication Date: 
February 22, 2011
VNC Campaign
Violence is not our culture

Uphold the rights of Afghan women and girls to be freed from gender-based violence. Secure the independence of women's shelters in Afghanistan.

The Global Campaign to Stop Violence against Women in the Name of ‘Culture’, an international network of women’s human rights defenders and advocates, fully supports our sisters in Afghanistan in resisting their government’s attempt to put the country’s women shelters under State control.

If the Afghan government proceeds with this proposed legislation, it will invite serious risks to the already-fragile security of women and girls who are in desperate need of protection from gender–based violence in their country. This development is alarming and deserves the attention of the international community.

Urgent Appeal from International Civil Society: International Community Must Ensure Rights of Egyptians are Upheld

The Violence is Not our Culture campaign supports this appeal by diverse civil society organisations on the crisis in Egypt.

Urgent Appeal from International Civil Society: 

International Community Must Ensure Rights of Egyptians are Upheld

1 February 2011

We, civil society organizations from across the world, strongly urge all governments, as well as regional and international organizations, to clearly and unequivocally denounce the ongoing violent crackdown against the public protests and demands for democratic reform and government accountability that have been occurring across Egypt since the 25th of January.

Statement on the occasion of the International Day for Women Human Rights Defenders



Defend women's human rights. Declare our culture free from violence!

Joint Action by the Take Back the Tech and Violence is Not Our Culture Campaign

29 Nov 2010

Take Back The Tech! partners with the "Violence is Not our Culture" global campaign to mark this year's International Day on Women Human Rights Defenders and the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women (VAW) . On 29 November 2010,  we join hands in solidarity and call for all of our campaigners and allies in different parts of the world to support the work of women human rights defenders to demand an end to violence against women justified in the name of "culture", "religion" or "tradition".  

VNC condemns the murder of David Kato

Publication Date: 
January 31, 2011
Violence is Not our Culture campaign
Violence is not our culture

The Violence is Not out Culture campaign condemns the brutal murder on 26 January 2011 of LGBT human rights defender, David Kato, of Uganda and extends its condolences to his colleagues at Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG). David was a long term activist for rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Uganda, and was a highly respected and admired human rights defender within his community and worldwide.

End Violent Religious Intolerance, Uphold Human Rights for All

Violence is not our culture

The Global Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women in the name of ‘Culture’ condemns the recent attacks against and between religious groups in various countries across the world, and is deeply concerned about, amongst others, the following cases: