Two Executed by Stoning, as a Third Escapes

Judiciary Claimed Practice Had Been Stopped

From: International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Stoning of a woman is upheld

Translated by: Rochelle Terman, SKSW Campaign from the original Persian, Rooz Online.

The 27th Iranian Court District approved of the stoning of a Afsaneh, woman from Shiraz, Iran.

The Bloodied Stone

Publication Date: 
August, 2007

The Bloodied Stone: Execution by Stoning

A few weeks ago the media published a report regarding the imminent stoning of a man and a woman in Qazvin for the charge of adultery committed with a married woman.

Book: Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence Allow for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Book: Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence Allow for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Arabic translation of “Right to Life” by Emad Baghi


Honor killing claims life of 17-year-old girl

URGENT: Iran: Stop the Stoning to Death of Zohreh and Azar Kabiri!

14/02/2008: ایران: حکم سنگسار زهره و آذر کبیری را متوقف کنید (WLUML Networkers)

Irán: Zohreh Kabiri-niat y su hermana Azar (conocida normalmente como Akram) podrían ser lapidadas por “adulterio"

ruary 18, 2008

Público: Índice AI: MDE 13/033/2008 (6 de febrero de 2008)
AU 33/08 Pena de muerte / lapidación

Iran: La Cour suprême confirme des peines de lapidation pour deux sœurs

05/02/2008: La Cour suprême iranienne a confirmé des peines capitales par lapidation pour deux soeurs reconnues coupables d'adultère, a rappo

ايران: أوقفوا الرجم حتى الموت ضد زهرة وآزار كابيري

شبكة تضامن نساء في طل قوانين المسلمين الدولية والحملة الدولية لوقف قتل ورجم النساء تدعو كل المواطنين المهتمين للاتصال العاجل بالمسئولين الايرانيين سواء بالتليفون أو بال

4 Women's Human Rights Defenders (WHRD)

22/04/2008: The Iranian Judiciary has issued flogging and prison sentences for four campaigners for women's rights, thus continuing its program of harassment and prosecution of the women's rights movement. (International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran)

"These flogging sentences are in violation of Iran's international obligations and amount to state-sponsored torture. There is no basis for these prosecutions," the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran stated.