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UN report: Achievements of Muslim women's rights groups

Publication Date: 
July 25, 2011

The United Nations recently established  to champion gender equality and empowerment of women. In its first major report “,” UN Women highlights both the global plight of women seeking justice and the amazing progress women have made in the past century. Particularly enlightening aspects of the report are the coverage of women in Muslim countries and the accomplishments of Muslim women’s rights groups.

Released in the wake of the Arab Spring, the report emphasizes the active role Arab and Muslim women are taking in effectuating historic change in the region, invalidating the stereotypical view that Muslim women are voiceless and meek.


Publication Date: 
March, 2011

was made by students of Punjab University, Lahore for Shirkat Gah's film festival "Violence Is Not Our Culture". The film highlights the struggle of a brave woman who decides to open a school despite intense pressure from the men of the village. Her hard work pays off when in 10 years, hence the name Decade, the whole village is transformed. Watch the video.

Shirkat Gah Women's Resource Centre



Shirkat Gah (SG) literally means a place of participation. It was formed as a non hierarchical collective in 1975 by a group of women with a shared perspective on women’s rights and development.

Shirkat Gah is committed to a just, vibrant, progressive and democratic society where women are fully empowered, gender equality, human security and opportunities are ensured for all, peace prevails and resources are shared on a sustainable and equitable basis.

URGENT: PAKISTAN: Shirkat Gah Appeals for Support in Relief Work

URGENT Action: Shirkat Gah Appeals for Support in Relief Work

Pakistan is facing yet another emergency situation due to severe flooding caused by heavy rainfall. According to the Pakistani government, this has affected twenty million people so far. After visiting the flood stricken areas, a visibly upset UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon, said “This has been a heart-wrenching day for me. In the past, I have visited many natural disasters, but I have never seen anything like this.”

Shirkat Gah - Women’s Resource Centre (SG), Pakistan, is actively engaged in providing relief to those affected and coordinating efforts across Pakistan through its partner community based organizations in synchronization with all three Shirkat Gah offices in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. We would like to appeal to all to help us in raising funds. Your contribution will be highly appreciated and will be used to set up medical camps and purchase goods necessary for immediate relief such as food items and non-food items including medicines, cooking utensils, clothing and shoes (the latter two items can also be donated through the Shirkat Gah Offices). The funds will later be used for the particular needs of communities based on a reassessment of the situation.

You can either drop off or mail us clothing and shoes donations at any of our 3 offices – please see the end of the document for postal details.