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Saudi Arabia: Women try to 'buy' their freedom to work

Publication Date: 
May 12, 2011
Arab News
Saudi women tending to a shop.

ABHA: Saudi workingwomen have embarked on new ways to win the consent of their male legal guardians or husbands to  take a job. This is so in jobs where there are still strong taboos about women working in them.

Many Saudi workingwomen set aside a portion of their monthly income, which enables them to win the consent of their male guardians as well as to enjoy full freedom to do job, according to a report in Al-Riyadh Arabic daily.

Egypt: Revolution Women March Against Religious Strife

Publication Date: 
May 10, 2011
Egyptian Center for Women's Rights

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(Cairo, May 10, 2011) A large number of Egyptian women participated in a march entitled "No to sectarian strife" which appeared with its ugly face in the district of Imbaba. They participated in this march to stress the values of citizenship and tolerance and to prevent the strife that has been witnessed in the district and in many different places in Egypt after the revolution.

Middle East/North Africa: Journalists & Cyber Activists In the Line of Fire

Publication Date: 
April 28, 2011
Article XIX

Article XIX Statement: From Morocco to Bahrain, everyday people have taken on the cast iron hold of dictatorships and absolute monarchies resulting in an extraordinary collective awakening that has paved the way for epochal change in the region. The youth movement, which lies at the core of the uprisings, continues to play a prominent role in the pro-democracy and pro-reform demonstrations, which have swept through the region, unabated by government clampdowns or concessions.

Yemen's dark side: Discrimination against violence against women and girls

Publication Date: 
November, 2009
Yemen's dark side: Discrimination and violence against women and girls

Women in Yemen face systemic dicsrimination and endemic violence, with devastating consequences for their lives. Their rights are routinely violated because Yemeni laws as well as tribal and customary practices treat them as second class citizens. 

Sakineh, A Symbol of State Violence

Publication Date: 
March, 2011

This video marked the launch of the online campaign: Stop state violence against women in Iran!, which is a project by one of our partners, the Institute for Women's Empowerment (IWE).  The campaign goal is to mobilise public opinion, both national and international, to stop Iranian state violence against women.

[Update] Iran: Adoption of Restrictive NGO LAW postponed


Amnesty International: A draft law which would limit the existence and activities of independent NGOs and civil society organizations has been sent back to a committee for a further three months' study. If it is passed, many more civil society activists in Iran could face prosecution for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of association and assembly.

The Bill on the Establishment and Supervision of Non-Governmental Organisations was undergoing a final reading in Iran’s parliament and the first 26 articles were passed. Following intense domestic and international criticism of the bill, a motion was passed which sent the bill back to the Committee on Social Affairs for three months for further study and amendment of the remaining articles.

IRAN: New NGO law would greaten risks for activists

Amnesty International:

The Iranian parliament is set to approve a law which will limit the independence of civil society organizations in the country. If passed, many more civil society activists in Iran could risk prosecution for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom association and assembly.

The Bill on the Establishment and Supervision of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) is undergoing a final reading in Iran’s parliament. In the last few days, articles have been passed that will severely limit the independence of civil society organizations, despite vigorous opposition from many organizations which would be affected.

Palestine: Mass arrests of Palestinian women by Israeli troops

Publication Date: 
April 8, 2011
Al Jazeera
Palestinians inspect damage to their home in the village of Awarta after an Israeli raid last month [REUTERS]

More than 100 women from a village near Nablus were held by Israeli troops searching for killers of settler family.
Israeli troops have stormed Awarta village in the northern West Bank, arresting more than 100 women as they hunted the killers of an Israeli family from the illegal settlement of Itamar, officials said.

Iran: Draft law undermining independent NGOs

Publication Date: 
April 6, 2011
Amnesty International

The Iranian parliament must scrap a draft law which will seriously undermine independent non-governmental organizations in Iran, Amnesty International said today.

The bill, which has been extensively analyzed by the Netherlands-based NGO Arseh Sevom, requires all NGOs in Iran to register with a new and unaccountable body linked to the Intelligence Ministry and to the Basij, a volunteer paramilitary force, which will also be able to revoke registration.

Egypt: Film shines light on sexual harassment

Publication Date: 
April 6, 2011
In "Cairio 678" one of the lead characters, played by actress Bushra, is repeatedly harassed on buses.

A film lifting the lid on sexual harassment on the streets of Egypt is gaining plaudits around the world.

"Cairo 678" tells the story of three fictional women from different backgrounds as they search for justice from daily sexual harassment.<--break->