religious fundamentalisms

Interview: Human rights, Fundamentalisms, Power and Prejudice

Publication Date: 
November 27, 2010
Open Democracy

International human rights law is not a sufficient basis for responding to religious fundamentalism. Fundamentalisms are about power as well as prejudice, Vijay Nagaraj tells Cassandra Balchin. Vijay Nagaraj is Research Director at the International Council on Human Rights Policy.

Towards a Future without Fundamentalisms

Publication Date: 
November, 2010
Towards a Future without Fundamentalism

In the experience of women’s rights activists around the world, religious fundamentalists strategically use physical and psychological violence to undermine those who oppose their policies. Fundamentalist violence can range from highly visible attacks against abortion doctors or LGBT people to the support of military actions to excusing domestic violence.

Keeping the Faith: Overcoming Religious Fundamentalisms

Publication Date: 
October, 2008
Arrow for Change Publication

This ARROW Publication contains a diverse range of articles on fundamentalisms around the Asia Pacific region and more:

  • Keeping the Faith: Overcoming Religious Fundamentalism
  • Hindu Fundamentalisms in India: Examining Impact and Responses by the Women’s Movements
  • Challenging Islamic Fundamentalism: Asserting Muslim Women’s Sexuality and Rights in Marriage, Family and Society
  • Growing Fundamentalisms: A Grave Apprehension for Women’s Rights in Pakistan
  • Beyond Legality: Abortion and Reproductive Health in the Philippines
  • Tackling gender and sexual discrimination in Buddhism