Shaheen Abdel Rahman and Unnamed woman

Shaheen Abdel Rahman and Unnamed woman (United Arab Emirates)
Crime: “Adultery”

In 2006, Shaheen Abdel Rahman, a married man living apart from his wife, was sentenced to death by stoning in Fujeirah for the crime of `adultery`. His co-defendant, an unnamed Filipina woman, was excused from stoning as she was unmarried, but was sentenced to one year jail time and 100 lashes of the whip.

An appeals court commuted Abdel Rahman`s sentence to 1 year jail time followed by deportation to his home country of Bangladesh, while his co-defendant`s sentence was upheld.

Doli Bibi

Crime: Suspected sexual relations

January 2006

"Hamed Yaseen Saeed, Mohamad Hasan Yousif, and 2 Unnamed women"

Hamed Yaseen Saeed, Mohamad Hasan Yousif, and 2 Unnamed women (United Arab Emirates)
Crime: “Adultery”
April 2005

The Shariah Court in Fujairah sentenced Hamed Yaseen Saeed and Mohamad Hasan Yousif -- both UAE nationals -- to 13 months in jail and flogging of 90 lashes each. In addition, a UAE national woman and an Indian woman, who were caught in an immoral position with the two nationals were sentenced for the same jail term and 90 lashes. The Indian lady would be deported after serving her sentence.

"4 Unnamed Women"

4 Unnamed Women (Indonesia)

Crime: Gambilng

In August 2005, Indonesia caned women for the first time after they were accused of illegal gambling in the staunchly conservative province of Aceh. More than 1,000 people gathered after Friday prayers to watch as four women were struck in the back with rattan canes, each receiving seven blows, Alias Abubakar, an official in the central town of Takengon told private-radio El-Shinta.

For more information, see: Pravda, Moscow, 19 August 2005

"2 men and 2 women"

2 men and 2 women (Indonesia)
Crime: Drinking and Being Alone Together after dark
August 2005

Two unmarried couples were sentenced to flogging in the province of Aceh, for drinking alcohol and being alone together after dark. The women fainted after being beaten 40 times on Friday outside a mosque in central Aceh, witnesses said. They were taken to a hospital, but had no serious injuries.
For more information, see: Jakarta Post, 29 August 2005

Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed and Wasini bint Sarjan

Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed (f), Indian national (United Arab Emirates)
Wasini bint Sarjan (f), Indonesian national (United Arab Emirates)

Crime: Sex out of Wedlock or “Adultery”

In 2004, Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed and Wasini bint Sarjan were working as domestic helpers in Ras Al Khaima, U.A.E.

Zuwayra Shinkafi and Sani Yahaya

Zuwayra Shinkafi (f) and Sani Yahaya (m) (Nigeria)
Crime: Extra-marital sex or “Adultery”
July 2003

Zuwayra Shinkafi, a young teenage girl was married to an unnamed man and lived in the village of Shinkafi. She was having a consensual extra-marrital relationship with Sanj Yahaya, a teenage boy from Gusau village. A local monitoring group got news of the affair and arrested both of them in Gusau, where they were tried by the Upper Sharia Court, charged with the `crime`of sex outside marraige and subsequently flogged, all within two or three days.

Unnamed Girl

Crime: “Adultery”
May 2003

An unnamed 14 year old girl who was 9 months pregnant was arrested by the Peoples Police Force in the Wihida neighbourhood of Nyala, Darfur and sentenced to 100 lashes of the whip for the crime of “adultery”, in the Wihida neighbourhood of Nyala, Darfur. A 25-year old businessman, Alsir Sabeel Nour Aldeen, was charged in connection with the incident, but was found not guilty and freed “for the lack of evidence.”

For more information, see 2003 Report on the Human Rights Situation in Sudan by the Sudanese Organization against Torture (SOAT)

Aziza Salih Adam

Crime: Not wearing socks to cover her feet
June 2003

On 1 June 2003, 15 year old Aziza Salih Adam was sentenced to 30 lashes of the whip by the District Court (Mahkamat Al- Muhafiza, formerly known as the Public Order Court, Al- Nizam Al- ‘Aam) in Nyala, Western Darfur. Aziza, who works as an assistant to street- vendor selling tea in the Wehda district of Nyala, received this sentence for not wearing socks to cover her feet. The punishment was carried out on the same day as the sentencing.


Um Alnas Mohamed Ahmed (21), Hanan Abdulrahman Mohamed (19), Hagir Mohamed Ahmed (18), Nimat Abakr Abdelgadir (19), Rasha Bahr Aldin Adam (18), Fatima Abdulla Adam (20), Gada Mosa Hamid (18), Shamael Omar Fadl (22), Hawa Yousif Abdelgadir (18), Fathia Ahmed Abdulrahman (18), Laila Adam Siraj (20), Kaltoum Isam Adam (22), Rawda Abdelgabar Mohamed (20), Zahra Hassan Ali