Aceh: Civil society groups advocate for repeal of Qanun Jinayah (Islamic Criminal Legal Code)

Update on: Calls for Action: Indonesia: New law in Aceh makes adultery punishable by stoning

The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women! (SKSW Campaign) and the Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) international solidarity network join their allies in Indonesia in continuing to call for the repeal of a law (or 'qanun') passed by the Aceh Legislative Council (DPRD) on Monday 14 September 2009, that expands the range of violent punishments for alleged moral and sexual transgressions, including stoning to death for “adultery” and 100 lashes for homosexuality.

Vali Azad

سحرگاه پنجشنبه پانزده اسفند ۱۳۸۷ طی اقدامی بی سابقه در گیلان مردی ۳۰ ساله به جرم زنای محصنه سنگسار شد

Irán: Zohreh Kabiri-niat y su hermana Azar (conocida normalmente como Akram) podrían ser lapidadas por “adulterio"

ruary 18, 2008

Público: Índice AI: MDE 13/033/2008 (6 de febrero de 2008)
AU 33/08 Pena de muerte / lapidación

Iran: La Cour suprême confirme des peines de lapidation pour deux sœurs

05/02/2008: La Cour suprême iranienne a confirmé des peines capitales par lapidation pour deux soeurs reconnues coupables d'adultère, a rappo

ايران: أوقفوا الرجم حتى الموت ضد زهرة وآزار كابيري

شبكة تضامن نساء في طل قوانين المسلمين الدولية والحملة الدولية لوقف قتل ورجم النساء تدعو كل المواطنين المهتمين للاتصال العاجل بالمسئولين الايرانيين سواء بالتليفون أو بال

URGENT: Iran: Stop the Stoning to Death of Zohreh and Azar Kabiri!

14/02/2008: ایران: حکم سنگسار زهره و آذر کبیری را متوقف کنید (WLUML Networkers)

Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow

29/10/2008: Somali Islamists have stoned to death a woman accused of adultery, witnesses said, the first such public killing by the militants for about two years. (Independent / Reuters)

The 23-year-old woman was placed in a hole up to her neck for the execution late yesterday in front of hundreds of people in a square in the southern port of Kismayu, which the Islamist insurgents captured in August.

Stones were hurled at her head and she was pulled out three times to see if she was dead, witnesses said. When a relative and others surged forward, guards opened fire, killing a child.

Shano and Daulat Khan Malikdeenkhe

A couple have been stoned to death for 'adultery' in the tribal areas of northeren Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan condemns the murder.

"A man and a woman were stoned to death by militants in Khwezai-Baezai area on Monday after a ‘qazi court’ found them guilty of adultery.

This is the first incident of Rajam (stoning to death) carried out in . Earlier, couples found guilty of adultery by militants or tribesmen were executed by firing squads.

Sadia Idries Fadul (Pending)

Sadria Idries Fadul is a 22 year old woman from Tama tribe in Darfur. She was charged on February 13, 2007, to execution by stoning for committing adultery by the criminal court of Al-Azazi, Managil province, Gazeera state.

Amouna Abdallah Daldoum (Pending)

Amounda Abdallah Daldoum is a 23 years old Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery on March 6, 2007 by the criminal court of Al-Azazi, Managil province, Gazeera state. She was charged under article 146 (a) of Sudan’s 1991 Penal Code, which states that whoever commits the offence of adultery shall be punished with: a) execution by stoning when the offender is married (Muhsan); b) one hundred lashes when the offender is not married (non-muhsan)." She has since appealed the judgement.