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Publication Date: 
July, 2009

In this paper we will therefore examine the exact meaning of a number of concepts related to honour related violence, the most important being: honour, social status, face, family, honour killing, honour related violence.

There is a certain tendancy to consider honour related violence a subcategory of domestic violence or of male violence against women. However, the term itself reveals no correlation to that respect. Honour related violence is related to honour just like alcohol is related to alcohol related violence. The term honour related violence in itself therefore does not reveal anything about the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, the victim's or perpetrator's gender or the place the violence takes place. The only thing it conveys is that in one way or another honour is involved.

Rise in Canadian ‘honour killings’ should not be ignored: expert

Shannon Proudfoot, Canwest News Service Published: Thursday, July 23, 2009

To cure honour killings 'cancer'

Tarek Fatah, National Post Published: Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Specify or Single Out: Should We Use the Term “Honor Killing”?

Publication Date: 
April, 2010

The use of the term ‘honor killing’ has elicited strong reactions from a variety of groups for years; but the recent Aqsa Parvez and Aasiya Hassan cases have brought a renewed interest from women’s rights activists, community leaders, and law enforcement to study the term and come to a consensus on its validity and usefulness, particularly in the North American and European Diaspora. While some aver that the term ‘honor killing’ is an appropriate description of a unique and particular crime, others deem it as rather a racist and misleading phrase used to promote violent stereotypes of particular communities, particularly Muslim minorities in North America and Europe.This article works to lay the groundwork by presenting both sides of the debate over the term ‘honor killing’ and analyzing the arguments various groups use in order to justify their particular definition of the term, and if and how they support its use in public discourse. I argue two main points: one, that ‘honor killing’ exists as a specific form of violence against women, having particular characteristics that warrants its classification as a unique category of violence. Second, I show that while ‘honor killings’ are recognized as such in many non-Western contexts, there is a trend among advocacy organizations in the North American and European Diaspora to avoid, ignore, or rebuke the term ‘honor killings’ as a misleading label that is racist, xenophobic, and/or harmful to Muslim populations. This is a direct response to misuse of the term mostly within media outlets and public discourse that serves to further marginalize Muslim and immigrant groups.

Shakila and Ghulam Sakhi

Honor-Killing in Afghanistan: Father Kills His Daughter and Her Lover
This year (solar year) 24 cases of violence have been recorded in the Women’s Affair

Ottawa man guilty in 'honour killings' of sister, fiance

OTTAWA - A "twisted sense of values'' led an Ottawa man to murder his sister and the man she loved, the judge in an honour killing trial said Saturday.

German-Afghan gets life for 'honour killing'

German-Afghan gets life for 'honour killing'

Published: 13 Feb 09 15:07 CET

Unnamed woman

A resident of Beit J'an and warden in the Israel Prison Service is suspected of killing his daughter by shooting her in the head.