Naile Erdaş,

DİYARBAKIR - A court has sentenced five members of the same family to life imprisonment for the honor killing of Naile Erdaş, 16, who fell pregnant as a result of rape, activists said Monday.

Hülya Taş, Dilek A., Esra Aksel

The deaths of three young women at the hands of their family members for wanting to marry the person of their choosing show that falling in love can justify honor killings in some communities in Turke

Shift in 'honour' killings

When certain practices are rampant in a society, it requires a paradigm shift in public thinking to get them outlawed.

Turks turn blind eye to 'honour killings'

When a Turkish man rescued his daughter after she was abducted by a gang that forced her into prostitution, he was hailed a hero by many in the country.

Hundreds of honour killings in Turkey since 2001: report

ANKARA: Honour killings have claimed the lives of nearly 350 men and women in Turkey since 2001, a report said this week.

Justice in the making: Avenging crimes against women in Turkey

Late last month, when a jurist representing Turkey's highest court in a briefing to the Justice Ministry suggested reducing Turkey's legal marriage age for women to 14 and reducing the penalties for s

Turkey: 'Special teams' to stop honor killings

A special team formed by an association will operate in the southeastern province of Mardin to stop honor killings.

Ahmet Yildiz


By Nicholas Birch in Istanbul
Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ahmet Yildiz was shot as he left a cafe near the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul

In a corner of Istanbul today, the man who might be described as Turkey's gay poster boy will be buried – a victim, his friends believe, of the country's deepening friction between an increasingly liberal society and its entrenched conservative traditions.

Two Unnamed Women

August 9, 2007

A woman (47) deserted her husband in Kars, in eastern Turkey, and moved in with her divorced daughter (27), mother of three sons. They were located by the husband/father and his son who came to the women’s home in Kocaeli, where the 19 year old son brutally killed his mother and his sister by beating them on the head with a bat, with his three young nephews watching.

Upon his arrest the 19 year old said that he had killed the women to clean the honour of his family.

Reported in Hurriet, Turkey.

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