United Arab Emirates

Dubai - Divorce of Wives by E-Mail or SMS

Publication Date: 
July 3, 2011
Emirates 24/7

Dubai recorded 555 divorce cases among its Muslim population in 2010 and 150 of them were done by e-mail of mobile phone text messages.

While some experts consider a divorce through such means is legal, others believe it is not legitimate or final under Islamic law on the grounds spouses could fake such a divorce for some reasons.
Under Islamic law, a Muslim man can divorce his wife by just saying “your are divorced” three times but a woman cannot do the same.

United Arab Emirates: Cross-dressing women targeted in Dubai campaign

Publication Date: 
June 1, 2011
The National

Police are launching a campaign against cross-dressing women. The Government says boyat - loosely translated as tomboys - are indulging in a dangerous practice. Officials from the police and the Community Development Authority said yesterday they would work together on plans to combat boyat.

UAE court rules men can beat wives if no marks left—report

Publication Date: 
October 19, 2010
Agence France-Presse

DUBAI—The Federal Supreme Court in the United Arab Emirates has ruled that a man can beat his wife and young children as long as no marks are left, The National newspaper reported on Monday.

Emirati man

Dubai Police arrested the son of a Gulf diplomat for allegedly killing an Emirati man in a suspected case of honour killing, police sources said.

Layali A.

Crime: “Adultery”

In 2006, Layali A. was gang raped by 6 men after being kidnapped from a nightclub. She stated that the accused men had posed as police officers and tricked her into their car. They then took her to a house where they proceeded to gang rape her.

At her hearing, the judge ruled that rape had not been committed, and instead charged Layali A. and the men involved with the crime of ‘adultery’.

Layali A. was sentenced to 150 lashes of the whip and 5 years jail time.
The men were also sentenced to 150 lashes of the whip, but only received 3 months jail time.

Shaheen Abdel Rahman and Unnamed woman

Shaheen Abdel Rahman and Unnamed woman (United Arab Emirates)
Crime: “Adultery”

In 2006, Shaheen Abdel Rahman, a married man living apart from his wife, was sentenced to death by stoning in Fujeirah for the crime of `adultery`. His co-defendant, an unnamed Filipina woman, was excused from stoning as she was unmarried, but was sentenced to one year jail time and 100 lashes of the whip.

An appeals court commuted Abdel Rahman`s sentence to 1 year jail time followed by deportation to his home country of Bangladesh, while his co-defendant`s sentence was upheld.

"Hamed Yaseen Saeed, Mohamad Hasan Yousif, and 2 Unnamed women"

Hamed Yaseen Saeed, Mohamad Hasan Yousif, and 2 Unnamed women (United Arab Emirates)
Crime: “Adultery”
April 2005

The Shariah Court in Fujairah sentenced Hamed Yaseen Saeed and Mohamad Hasan Yousif -- both UAE nationals -- to 13 months in jail and flogging of 90 lashes each. In addition, a UAE national woman and an Indian woman, who were caught in an immoral position with the two nationals were sentenced for the same jail term and 90 lashes. The Indian lady would be deported after serving her sentence.

Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed and Wasini bint Sarjan

Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed (f), Indian national (United Arab Emirates)
Wasini bint Sarjan (f), Indonesian national (United Arab Emirates)

Crime: Sex out of Wedlock or “Adultery”

In 2004, Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed and Wasini bint Sarjan were working as domestic helpers in Ras Al Khaima, U.A.E.