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Cardiff Council hosts conference to tackle 'honour' abuse

Published by Hannah Wooderson for 24dash.com in Local Government
Monday 23rd February 2009 - 4:40pm

Woman uses new forced marriage laws sucessfully

Lancashire Police obtained its first ever Forced Marriage Protection Order against the unnamed woman's father.

Help for victims of 'honour violence' in South Tyneside

31 December 2008

By Lisa Nightingale
Crime reporter

SOUTH Tyneside has its first worker to help victims of forced marriage and so called 'honour' violence.

Study on 'honour' crime prosecutions published

Publication Date: 
December, 2008

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) study on 'honour' crime has been published today allowing prosecutors to be better able to tackle the cases.

Surjit Athwal's daughter launches helpline

A CAMPAIGNING teenager determined to see her mother’s killers brought to justice has launched a regional helpline first piloted on Teesside.

Crime study on ‘honour’ killings

WEST YORKSHIRE has been at the forefront of a study into so-called honour crime.

The county has been one of four areas nationwide closely studying the scale of the problem.

Lidia Motylska

Published Date: 12 November 2008
By Jeni Harvey

A TEENAGER was brutally murdered by her boyfriend's Muslim flatmate because he did not approve of him going out with a Catholic.

New IDs for victims of 'honour' crimes


VICTIMS of so-called 'honour' crimes need better protection and could even be offered a new identity police has announced.

UK police start 'honour' crime plan

UK police were criticised over their handling of the "honour" killing of Banaz Mahmod in 2006 [AP]