Gender Based Violence

Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium

Women experience violence at home, in community and society. We experience violence perpetuated by governments and at global level. The situation of women in war and conflict zones simply intensify the already grim picture and challenging situation of respecting the human rights of women and girls.

In recent years since Beijing Plus 10, the global women's movement has been paying more attention to the role of men, particularly participation of younger men in the plight of women and girls for gender equality. The age old patriarchal system, which is being defended by the forces of militarism, religious extremism and neo- liberalism will be challenged by the women and girls and their allied men building a powerful grassroots movement and demanding their basic human rights, gender equality, democracy and peace. Let us all imagine the potential of our communities, societies and a world free of violence against women. Gender violence is the cause and consequences of gender inequality.

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