Unnamed woman

January, 2011

Two brothers charged with premeditated murder of their married sister

By Rana Husseini

AMMAN - Criminal Prosecutor Ahmad Omari on Sunday charged two brothers with the premeditated murder of their married sister in the latest so-called honour crime, official sources said.

The 30-year-old woman, a mother of six, was reportedly stabbed to death with a switchblade, allegedly by her brothers aged, 44 and 19, at her father's home on Saturday, the source said.

The two suspects then headed to the nearest police station and turned themselves in, claiming to have killed their sister to cleanse their family's honour, the source told The Jordan Times.

The source said the victim went missing from her husband's home at dawn on Saturday, adding that when the police found her around 10 hours later, they handed her over to her husband, who contacted her brothers.

The two suspects took her to their family's house and began questioning her about her "disappearance from her husband's home".

"The suspects said their sister told them that she made a mistake, but was free to do whatever she wanted," the source added.

One of the defendants became enraged after hearing his sister’s answer, drew a switchblade and stabbed her 18 times in the chest and stomach, according to a source close to the investigations.

"The suspect then gave the knife to his brother, who stabbed her another four times," the source added.

Omari ordered that both suspects be detained for 14 days at a correctional centre pending further investigation.

"The criminal prosecutor might refer one of the two suspects to government physicians to determine if he is mentally ill or not," the source said.

The victim became the 10th person reportedly murdered for reasons of honour in the Kingdom this year and the second this month.

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