Unnamed couple

January, 2011

A father murdered his daughter and her paramour for their alleged involvement in an adulterous affair in the Timoryan village of Baghlan-i-Markazi district of northern Baghlan province on Tuesday night. The boy of age 23 and the girl, 25, were cousins.

Police arrested the father of the girl, Azimullah, but did not allow him to speak to media.

Baghlan-i-Marakazi district police chief Col Afzal Khan said Azimullah had claimed the boy and her daughter were involved in an adulterous affairs.

He quoted Azimullah as saying the boy last night entered their house secretly and when he found them an objectionable condition, he shot them both to death.

He said Azimullah claimed the boy's family had several times demanded the hand of her daughter for the boy, but he had refused.

Dr. Khalil Naramgo, head of the district hospital said bodies of the two have been brought to the hospital. He claimed after the postmortem report it was learnt that the couple did not have sexual relations.

He said the boy was fired 12 bullets while the girl was hit with eight bullets.

Azimullah had told the police that he personally killed both; however, police said that Azimullah's son was also involved in the murder and police were hunting for him.

Rahima Zarifi, head of Baghlan women affairs department strongly condemned the killing and said no one has the right to take the lives of two youths.

She said the culprits should be brought to justice and be awarded punishment.

According Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) over 2000 cases of family violence have been registered during 2008 in the country while the cases in 2007 were 1800.