Unnamed Girl

January, 2011

An Israeli Arab man was indicted on Sunday after police learned that he solicited his 16-year-old son to murder the boy's 21-year-old sister for bringing shame on the family with her "immodest" attire and behavior.

Israel's Ynet news service reported that the rift between the girl and her family began over a year ago, when she fled to a home for abused women, where she lived for several weeks before being convinced by her father to return home.

Last summer the situation flared again when the girl announced her intention to get a job. When an argument broke out and she attempted to flee the house on foot, the father got in his car and tried to run her down. Failing in that effort, the man and his son then dragged the girl back to the house by her hair and proceeded to savagely beat her.

The argument leading to the girl's murder broke out on January 11, when she said she would go to the nearby Israeli coastal city of Netanya the next day to buy a cell phone. Fed up with her behavior, the son sought and received his father's permission to kill his sister.

That night, the boy crept into his sleeping sister's room with a kitchen knife and proceeded to stab her 27 times in the chest, neck and back as she struggled helplessly. To confirm the kill, the boy then slit his sister's throat.

Police later learned that the father had wanted his son to commit the murder because as a minor his punishment would be less severe.

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