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January, 2011

Father accused of soliciting son to murder sister

Indictment filed against man suspected of convincing 16-year-old son to murder his 21-year-old sister for 'bringing shame on family' due to 'immodest' dress, behavior. Prior to murder, father allegedly attempted to run daughter over with car.

A 57-year-old man from the Arab town of Qalansuwa was indicted Sunday for allegedly soliciting his 16-year-old son to murder his 21-year-old sister for desecrating the family honor.

According to the indictment, the father chose to have his teenage son carry out the murder, believing he would receive a lighter punishment. The teen stabbed his sister 27 times and slit her throat.

Advocate Anna Avidov of the Central District Prosecutor's Office wrote in the indictment, filed with the Petah Tikva District Court, that the victim's relationship with her family was shaky due to her behavior and dress, that was deemed immodest by the men in the family, and "brought shame to the family".

Friction in the home led the victim to flee over a year ago to a home for distressed women, where she remained for a number of weeks. After the father convinced his daughter to return home, the family relocated to another town out of shame

In June, an argument broke out between the victim and her father after she expressed interest in getting a job. During the argument the father said, "A day will come when I will kill her."

The daughter fled the house again, and was chased by her father, who tried to run her over with his vehicle. When the victim ran back into the house, her father pulled her by the hair and her brother kicked her. The two proceeded to knock the victim on the floor and continued to beat her.

According to the indictment, on January 11, an argument erupted between the victim and her brother due to her desire to go to Netanya and buy a mobile phone. That night, and with his father's support, the boy decided to murder his sister.

On the morning of January 12, the teen went to the kitchen and picked up a knife with a 5.5 inch blade.

The boy entered his sister's room while she was sleeping, removed the covers and stabbed her twice in her upper body. The victim woke up, and her brother grabbed her forcefully and continued to stab her another 25 times in her neck, head, back, and limbs as she struggled.

In the end, to make sure his sister was dead beyond doubt, the teen cut her throat and left her lying in her own blood on the bedroom floor.

On the morning of the murder police forces arrived at the family's home. The father said he was not home, since he took his family members to work.

The brother that was home with clothes stained in his sister's blood was arrested, and confessed to the allegations made against him at the start of his investigation.

A week later, after further investigation indicated the father's involvement in the murder, the father was arrested as well.

The family in question is not originally from Qalansuwa, but moved there from another town and was living in a rented house.

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