Jaspal Haur and Harnam Singh

January, 2011

Ferozepur, February 09, 2009

The Ferozepur police have arrested the absconding father of a local girl, who was killed for ‘honour’ on January 13 along with her lover.

Jaspal Kaur and Harnam Singh, both residents of Tarn Taran, had met at a wedding and subsequently decided to marry. The marriage proposal could not mature. The two continued to meet despite opposition by the families.

On January 13, Jaspal Kaur’s father Gurbhej Singh found his daughter and Harnam whispering in a room. On spotting them together, Singh killed Harnam and buried his body in nearby fields.

Jaspal succeeded to fled from the scene and went to her grandparents’ home at Balouch village. A few days later, Gurbhej Singh went to Balouch village to bring Kaur home and strangled her on the way back. He then buried her body in a field. The body was recovered on January 20.

Police arrested the accused on Saturday along with his friend for the crime.

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