Saudi woman

January, 2011

By Diana Al-Jassim

JEDDAH – Police arrested a 47-year-old Saudi man shortly after he killed his 19-year-old daughter by slashing her neck with a knife Wednesday in Al-Faisaliyah district here. “He slashed her thrice in the neck,” said Sergeant Ibrahim Al-Otaibi, who was in the police squad that rushed to the scene when alerted by neighbors about the crime. “She had two stabs wounds in the left hand and one in the right.” The girl was living with her mother who had married again after a divorce several years ago. The father would visit weekly. “The girl had refused to live with her father as he had sexually abused her in the past,” Al-Otaibi said, citing the girl’s uncle and mother. When police arrived, the man tried to escape, brandishing his knife and screaming that he would kill himself or anyone who tried to stop him. When he was overpowered, police found 40 Captagon narcotic pills on him. – SG

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