Saima, Sana and Nasir

January, 2011

Father burnt alive his daughter, son-in-law and niece

LAHORE, July 27: The following incident took place in Shera Court,
where 3 days before the son-in law Nasir received intimidation in his
office by Habib, his father-in-law. Sana eloped with Nasir, due to
which Habib became infuriated and burnt his artist daughter Sana and
his dancer niece Saima along with Nasir. When there was no response of
the bullying then Habib and his friends started to follow Sana and
Nasir and after three days.

Farah Jabeen who was the sister of Nasir complained to police and the
investigation commenced. It came into knowledge that in Shera Court's
District Shaheenabad, Nasir used to live and he was working in an
educational department. His first marriage took place five years
before with a woman named Neelam, who also gave birth to his child
named Arsalaan. It was Nasir's second marriage with Sana and the first
one was with Neelam, who was an innocent housewife and trusted her
husband a lot.

Nasir used to go to watch stage shows with his friends after his duty
hours. There he saw the dancer, Saima and became friends with her.
Fifteen days before the incident took place Saima introduced her
cousin Sana to him and told them to get married. They got married and
when the Habib learnt about Sana's elopement he became enraged. Farah
Jabeen and Neelam affirmed that Sana was the only source of Habib's
riches. Consequently, he threatened Nasir to divorce Sana and hand her
back to him. But Nasir turned a deaf ear to Habib's warning. Habib
threatened him that otherwise Nasir will loose his life.

Friday midnight, when the stage show ended, both Saima and Sana went
to Nasir's house. They after eating their food slept in the veranda
and Nasir slept on the adjacent bed. Habib and his friends jumped over
the boundaries of the house and bathed petrol over Nasir, Sana and
Saima and burnt them alive. When the people heard the hue and cry from
the burning house they gathered and made an attempt to extinguish the
fire. Next morning the three victims were taken to the nearby
hospital, where three of them took their last breadth one by one.

Police captured a young man, Faisal as well. Habib and Faisal at first
rejected that they were involved in this misdemeanor. But soon when
they were tortured by the police, they acknowledged their felonies.

D.S.P Nawa Court told that Habib has already sold Sana to Faisal in 4
million dollars. When Faisal learned that Sana got married then he
demanded his money back. Soon Habib and Faisal created a web in which they entrapped the three victims and burnt them alive by showering petrol on their bodies.

Criminals Habib and Faisal are now in custody and it will soon be
decided that when will have first hearing. While the dead bodies are
taken for post mortem report.

By: Ms Khadijeh Shah for Rays of Development

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