January, 2011

Hapur (ghaziabad ): A 22-year-old girl was, on Wednesday, shot by her brother in what appeared to be a case of 'honour killing'.

The murder took place in Hapur's Asora village, where the girl Priyanka was on a visit to relatives for the last two days. Priyanka's brother, Sonu, and another man arrived at the village and, stopping only to fire three shots into Priyanka, they rode away.

According to Hapur police sources, Sonu, resident of Hapur, had been, for sometime, seething about Priyanka going to Dehradun to live with a man without actually being married to him.

"Sonu had also earlier warned Priyanka against living-in like this, but, she paid no heed. Then, two days earlier, she came to visit her maternal uncle Pradeep in Hapur. Sonu heard about this and allegedly murdered Priyanka, arriving and leaving with an unidentified man on a motorcycle."

Rushed to a hospital by her uncle, Priyanka was declared dead.

Sonu and the other man are absconding. Police are carrying out investigations.

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