2000 demonstrate against 'honour' killings in Iran

Middle East

On 14 August, in a village called Kani Dinar in the Mariwan region of Iran a "father" stabbed her 18 years old, daughter, Fereshteh Nejati, and slit her throat, almost severing her head in the street because she sought a divorce. Fereshteh had been forced into a marriage when she was 14 years old.

She fled to her uncle's house to seek refuge after her father threatened to kill her but her father forced them to hand her over and brutally murdered her on the same day.

More than 2000 people in Mariwan came to the street and held a demonstration against "honour" killings; they went to hospital and collected for Fereshte's body, and buried her with respect.

They demanded the perpetrator be arrested and face justice for committing the crime for killing his daughte; they was enormous anger in the crowd against the murderer. They asked the change in the legislation of Iran in fervor of women and especially against so-called 'honour' killings.

Photographs of the demonstrations : WARNING! The 25th and last photograph is very disturbing.

Thanks to the International Campaign Against Honour Killing for the link: