90 honour killings reported in first quarter of 2008


By Akhtar Amin
Daily Times

PESAHWAR: Cases of honour killing are on the rise in Pakistan as 90 such cases were reported all over the country in the first quarter (January to March) of 2008, says a report compiled by a non-governmental organisation (NGO)Aurat Foundation (AF).

Out of the 90 cases, 36 were reported in Balochistan, 35 in Sindh, 11 in Punjab and eight in NWFP.

Talking to Daily Times, Aurat Foundation Peshawar Resident Director Rukhshanda Naz cited lengthy judicial procedure and delay in disposal of such cases as the main reasons for increase in honour killing in the country.

She said that the government’s effort to make the state a party in honour killing cases was an encouraging step but alongside, the government should also give instant punishment to honour killers to stop this heinous crime in the country.

About the three teenaged girls allegedly buried alive in Balochistan by the tribesmen in the name of honour, she said that the inhuman incident not only earned a bad name to Balochistan but also to the whole country.

“If the government award strict punishment to honour killers, such incidents would not be reported in the country,” she said, adding that for curbing such incidents in future, the government should enact strict laws.

According to the AF report, 366 women were murdered in first three months of the current year in Pakistan. Out of them, 130 were murdered in Punjab, 110 in Sindh, 95 in NWFP and 25 in Balochistan. Sixty cases of rape were reported in this period, out of which 34 were reported in Punjab, 14 in Sindh, nine in NWFP, three in Balochistan and one in Islamabad.

A total of 246 cases of abduction were reported with 177 of them reported in Punjab, 38 in Sindh, 16 in NWFP and four in Balochistan.

A total of 66 women committed suicide during this period. Twenty-seven of them were in Punjab, 24 in Sindh, eight in NWFP, four in Balochistan and three in Islamabad.

Eighteen cases of gang rape were reported in the first quarter of the current year. Out of the number, 34 cases were reported in Punjab, 10 in Sindh, nine in NWFP, three in Balochistan and one in Islamabad.

As many as 24 cases of sexual assault happened, out of which 13 were reported in Punjab, six in Sindh, 10 in NWFP, three in Balochistan and two in Islamabad. A total of 119 cases of domestic violence were reported in the three months with 46 cases reported in NWFP, 34 in Punjab, 30 in Sindh, seven in Balochistan and two in Islamabad.

Thirty-four cases of custodial violence were also reported in this period, out of which 10 cases were reported in Punjab and 14 in Sindh. Out of 16 women who were burnt, four were in Punjab, six in Sindh, one in NWFP, four in Balochistan and one in Islamabad.

Three cases of acid-throwing were reported in the country, two in Punjab and one in Sindh, while six cases of human trafficking (four in Punjab and two in NWFP) were also reported.

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