Banga Singh

January, 2011

Chandigarh: After the horrific killing some weeks ago of a pregnant women and her driver-paramour, there has been another case of honour killing.

Ragbir Singh, a farmer killed his teenage daughter in Banga in Nawanshahr district as she had been in love with a distant cousin.

Last week Singh administered insecticide tablets to her while she was sleeping and after she died, he tried to pass it off as a natural death.

He later told the village folk that she had died in sleep and cremated her without much fuss the very same day.
However, since he had already lodged a complaint to the police about the suicide threats that his daughter used to give over the matter, the police apparently got suspicious about the incident and questioned the father about it.

SSP Shashi Prabha said during his interrogation that Singh then confessed to his crime.

He told the police that her daughter, Manpreet, was involved with the son of his wife's cousin. Both had been going around for quite some time and had threatened to commit suicide if they were not allowed to get married.

"On June 3, he poisoned the girl at around 8 am with tablets after which she died within minutes. He then told relatives and friends that his daughter had died suddenly."

Police have also recovered the container in which the tablets were stored.

According to the SSP, the father of the teenage girl said that when his pleas with his daughter fell on deaf ears, he was left with no option but to save his family's honour." Singh has been arrested and sent to judicial custody while the remains of the girl's body have been sent to forensic laboratory for examination.