Sumaira Bibi and her daughter Sama

July 2007

Sumaira Bibi, 35, was a widow, formerly married to Ashraf and had four children by him. Ashraf was murdered almost six years ago. After his death, Sumaira and her children relocated to the house of her parents, and she started working in a local garments factory to support her family. She allegedly developed relations with Javed, a father of two, from a lesser caste, who also worked in the factory. The two decided to contract a love-marriage, and had the support of Sumaira’s two brothers, sister and children. Her nephew, Zaigham Abbas, however, was enraged, by the fact that she had married a man from a lesser caste. Carrying a 30-bore pistol, he went to the newly-weds apartment, and shot Sumaira twice, in the face and the chest. She died instantly. Her 9 year old daughter, Sama, rushed forward to help her mother after hearing shots and was also shot in the chest. She died in hospital the next day.

A case was registered, but the police did not arrest Zaigham Abbas, until the report was actually filed.

Reported in the News International.

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