Campaign Against Fundamentalism, People are Fundamental

Latin America & Caribbean
Uruguay / Latin America

The campaign AGAINST FUNDAMENTALISMS, PEOPLE ARE FUNDAMENTAL aims to multiply voices expressing firm opposition to discriminatory social practices, discourses and representations, which oppress people or leave them in a state of vulnerability. We believe it is possible to construct both symbolically and politically, a new dimension to the human being and subject, whether embodied as woman or man, through which these practices will become impossible.

Whether religious, political, economic, scientific or cultural, fundamentalism is always political and flourishes in societies which negate the full diversity of the human race and which legitimate the use of violence to subordinate one group to another, or one person to another. Essentially exclusionary and bellicose, fundamentalisms undermine the construction of a project for the human race where all people have the right to have rights, by sacrificing women’s lives, with increasingly refined perversity.

This Campaign promotes democratic and pacific forms of conflict resolution, which allow differences to be recognised and solidarity strengthened, equality pursued and diversity expressed, in the search for negotiated solutions, whether in the public, private or intimate spheres of human coexistence.

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