Doli Bibi

Crime: Suspected sexual relations

January 2006

Doli Bibi, a mother of three from Gakundi village of Rajdharpara in Behrampore, went on a trip to Rajasthan with her brother. Back home, she had to face a social boycott as the villagers were under the impression that she had an illicit relation with the "so-called brother". Village chieftains held a meeting over "her trip with her paramour" and ostracised her family for three weeks. RSP leader Mr Sasthipada Mondal presided over the meeting while Congress-backed Independent MLA of Hariharpara, Mr Niyamat Sheikh, pronounced the "verdict" of caning. And the BDO, Behrampore, Mr Nimai Chandra Haldar, "congratulated the judge for delivering the exemplary punishment".

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