Religious Leaders Partly to blame for growing problem of domestic violence in Tanzania.


Clerics blamed for rise in domestic violence

By Patty Magubira, Mwanza

Religious leaders are partly to blame for the growing problem of domestic violence in the country.

An official of the Norwegian Church Aid, Mr Evance Luballa, pointed out that some religious leaders fail to expose perpetrated of domestic violence who go to them for confession.

He cited a case of a man in Magu district where church leaders there were aware on an illicit affair the person allegedly had with his daughter, but decided to remain mum.

"The leaders did not report the person to relevant Government authorities allegedly in the belief that he would repent his sins for God to forgive him," the official claimed, contending that religious leaders were failing the society.

Mr Lubala wondered why pastors secretly report to police armed bandits who go to church for confession and not domestic violence criminals.

He was speaking during a meeting organised by Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) to brief journalists about the association's plans to extend Tamar campaign to rural areas.

The campaign is intended to sensitize girls, women and faith-based organisations to fight against domestic violence.

YWCA secretary general LoeRose Mbise said the campaign that is underway in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, would soon be extended to Shinyanga, Mara and Manyara regions.

She said experience gained during the past year of the campaign, indicated that victims of domestic violence were reporting their ordeals to police, but the law enforcers were frustrating them for demanding bribes.