Tunisia: Sit-in against 'fundamentalism, extremism, and violence' in centre of Tunis

Publication Date: 
July 2, 2011
Tunis sit-in against fundamentalism, extremism, and violence - July 2011

Dozens of people participated Saturday in a sit-in in the center of Tunis to warn against "fundamentalism, extremism and violence", AFP noted. 

Gathered on the steps of the City Theatre, the participants came following calls on social networks, waving placards saying "no to violence, yes to tolerance," "against any religious extremism", "No to Algeria of the 90s."

The event turned into impromptu happening, dozens of passers-by sit down to discuss the place of Islam in society, freedom of expression or the defense of the Revolution’s gains.

 "I'm afraid. Yesterday I saw images in Kairouan (center) where they lowered the Tunisian flag to mount the black flag of the Salafists. That's why I demonstrate: Tunisia is for all, we refuse fundamentalism and all the violence," told AFP Raja Bourguiba, a professor of Italian.

"Let's be civilized. We must respect the religious feelings of the people while leaving everyone else speak," said Lotfi Bousnina, a psychotherapist, while Raja Shaed, Director of Human Resources 60, worried about the radicalism of some young people and the "infiltration" of Islamist party Ennahda in society.

This gathering comes nearly a week after the attack on a cinema in Tunis, where was projected a film was on secularism. This film by Nadia El Fani, "Neither God nor master", was booed during protests by Islamists on Friday after the great prayer, especially in Sfax (south), and Sidi Bouzid (center), where some 3,000 people protested against "attacks against Islam," according to TAP.

In Bizerte, north of Tunis, leaflets denouncing "attacks on Islam and conspiracy with foreign parties" were distributed in mosques, according to the Tunisian News Agency.