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Salmmah was initiated by a group of leading Sudanese women in 1997 as a non profit civil society organization specially dedicated to support women’s organizations and women’s issues, with special devotion to the combat of violence against women and to the acquisition of human rights. Salmmah’s head office is in Khartoum, with a small coordination office for program in the South in Juba.


In Sudan, the internet is one of the most secure spaces that can be used freely to discuss issues which are considered sensitive or taboo by society. The youth constitute around half of the community and are the most exposed to the internet and other social media channels. Thus, building the capacities of the youth through workshops, and giving them the space to discuss issues such as sexual harassment through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and materials published in the newspapers is central to the work of Salmmah during the 16 Days of Activism.

Salmmah is organising two workshops on how to use the different forms of social media in tackling violence against women, with a special focus on sexual harassment. The workshops will be targeting:

 Journalists and caricaturists: working in different newspapers and magazines, to give them background about the topic and the different forms of social media that can help them to tackle and talk about sensitive issues such as sexual harassment, through tools such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. The caricaturist will be asked to draw caricatures on sexual harassment in order to be published in the news paper during the 16th Days of Activism. Bloggers and Twitterers will be active during the same period. The caricatures will later be printed in a pamphlet to be more widely distributed.

 Young activists and university students: to raise their awareness on the extent of the problem; to sensitize them on the issue of sexual harassment; and to work on activities that forward women’s rights - through using alternative media which are more open and exposed to the huge number of social networks that need to be addressed. The selection of these participants will be based on their interaction in the universities and the community. Those who are already active and well known to their community will be more effective in spreading awareness on the issue.

The outcomes of these workshops will be published during the 16th Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women!


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Eiman M. Saeed

Violence Against Women Program Coordinator