Indonesia: Sisters in Islam (SIS) denounces controversial plans to “check” sinful activities of youth

Publication Date: 
February 10, 2011
The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: Sisters in Islam (SIS) has hit out at PAS Youth over its controversial plans to “check” sinful activities and play the moral police on Valentine’s Day.

Its media and communications senior programme officer, Yasmin Masidi, said moral policing was against Islamic values and fundamental liberties.

She added: “It violates personal dignity and privacy, which is for­bidden in the Quran and Hadith.”

She was responding to the movement’s planned multi-pronged approach to discourage sinful activities on Valentine’s Day, which falls on Monday.

PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan At-Tantawi reportedly said that the state governments in Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor had directed the local authorities to work closely with the police and Rela to check on immoral activities that day.

The movement is also working closely with the Islamic Religious Department in Penang to monitor sinful activities.

Nasrudin added that the movement would preach and distribute flyers promoting a sin-free lifestyle at lovers’ hotspots in every state.

Yasmin questioned why the wing was spending so much time and energy on such a petty issue, pointing out that Islam was much more than about how Muslims celebrated Valentine’s Day.

SIS urged PAS to focus on real issues affecting Muslim women such as backlog of cases in the Syariah courts.

Yasmin said SIS had cases where women waited for five years for their divorce cases, adding: “In the meantime, their husbands did not pay maintenance for them and their children.

There are also many cases where court-ordered nafkah (alimony) for children was not enforced. Men get away scot-free while women are left having to eke a living to feed their children.’’