Nätverket mot hedersrelaterat våld / “The network against honour related violence”


"We are some people who have started a network against honour related violence. Despite that this violence, aimed mainly toward women, is of a special nature it is played down.

The myth which is spread is that this is not a separate type of violence, even though it is directed against children, women, men, homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality, and is grounded in religious fundamentalism and conservative traditions. The violence and threat is sanctioned collectively, in the extreme by the whole community and the perpetrators are regarded as heroes.

This comparison that this is as all other violence against women or to claim that it is racism to fight against this is unjust. Honour related violence is an international issue and not, as some people maintain, a Swedish issue. It exists throughout the world. Recently, those of us who work against this have experienced that people want to put a lid on this invisible phenomenon. "

For more information: http://www.minheder.nu/