Women's Centre for Change Penang (WCC) --Pusat Kesedaran Wanita


WCC is a registered, tax-exempt, non-profit organisation set up in 1985 to help women and children facing crisis, irrespective of race, religion or social background. Our work is to provide immediate service for women needing crisis intervention as well as to undertake programmes to promote gender equality in our society.

As a membership organisation, WCC elected a General Committee at its Annual General Meeting. This committee is responsible for both the decision-making and the guidance of WCC's work functions which is co-ordinated and implemented by full-time staff with the help of volunteers.

The objectives of the WCC are:

* To provide immediate assistance for women and children experiencing crisis through counselling, legal advice and temporary shelter
* To create awareness of women's rights in the home, the work place and the society at large.
* To raise awareness among the general public on matters concerning violence against women and children and the need to overcome the violence
* To promote societal and legal changes for the protection and betterment of women and children in our society
* To do and encourage research regarding social problems relating to women and children


The services of WCC are:

* To provide counselling and emotional support for women and children in crisis
* To provide temporary shelter for women and their children who experience crisis
* To give legal advice in matters concerning the rights of women and children
* To assist women and their children to seek medical, police and welfare assistance
* To continue to give support services to women and their children after dealing with the immediate crisis problem

All our services are free and confidential.

The activities of WCC are:

* To conduct conferences, seminars and exhibitions on concerned issues affecting women and children
* To organise outreach projects for awareness building in the community
* To produce and disseminate information and educational materials on issues relating to women and children
* To liaise and network with other organisations and agencies on issues of common interest
* To organise various fund raising campaigns to support WCC's objectives and its work