Women's Aid Organization (WAO)



The Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is an independent, non-religious, non-governmental organisation based in Malaysia, committed to confronting violence against women.

WAO was established in 1982 when it opened Malaysia's first Women's Refuge, providing shelter, counseling and child support to battered women.

In 1985, the Anak Angkat (Child Sponsorship) Program was launched to meet the educational needs of ex-residents' children.

WAO opened a Child Care Center in 1990, the first of its kind in Malaysia, to provide a home for ex-residents' children.

WAO is also involved in public education to create awareness of Violence Against Women and women's rights, and does advocacy on legal reform, in particular, policies and laws that discriminate against women.



To promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against women, and to bring about equality between women and men.


1. To provide on request to women and their children suffering from mental, physical and sexual abuse, temporary refuge services that empower and enable them to determine their own future.
2. To offer emotional and social support to any women who request for it, resident or otherwise, and offer support and after-care.
3. To undertake and encourage research into any of the factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women.
4. To undertake and advocate with government and non-government organisations the eradication of factors that contribute to the inequality and subordination of women through law, policy and institutional reforms.
5. To create an awareness and better understanding among individuals, public and relevant agencies on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities.