"Honour killing" punishable under Islamic law: Sharia Court

Muzaffarnagar (PTI): Close on the heels of three cases of suspected honour killings in the district, a Shariat Court here has ruled that such crimes should be treated as murder and are punishable unde

PDI Declares launch of WAKE UP! Campaign against Honor Killing

Violence against women is a cruel reality for Women around the Globe and in Pakistan it is one of the main issues women face, Women keep on being victims of severe violence in Pakistan and not having

Shocking statistics of murder from Pakistan

The Interior Ministry disclosed in the National Assembly on Thursday that during the last three years of Musharraf regime, over 4,000 women were murdered all over Pakistan, including 1,019 in the name

Pakistan: Victim fights for life and for justice after honour attack

A 32-year-old Pakistani woman is battling for her life after suffering extensive burns in an attack by her three sisters-in-law at their home in the central city of Jhang.

Pakistan: 2,531 incidents reported in three months, says report

A quarterly report on the situation of violence against women shows a sharp increase in such cases during the last three months as compared to previous two quarters.

Pakistan: Helpless against honour killings

KARACHI, Nov 22 (IPS) - By appointing as cabinet ministers two politicians known for their anti-women views, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has stirred up a storm of protests from rights activist

Justice Majida Rizvi: Treat honour killing as homicide

DOHA: Honour killing should be considered as any other homicidal activity, according to an expert.

More on Tasleem Solangi's death

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — A Pakistani man says his 17-year-old daughter was mauled by dogs and shot to death in front of him over a land dispute disguised as a so-called "honor killing."