Israel: Ultra-orthodox Jewish women against immodesty wear full-body coverings

Publication Date: 
February 9, 2011
Asia News
Some "Haredi" women (literally: those who tremble at the word of God ") cover themselves completely to fight immodesty

The movement was born six years ago to fight immodesty in Israeli. There are now hundreds of "haredi" who cover themselves from head to toe. At first, conservative rabbis were in favour, now they emit warnings, especially for young girls.

Israel: Police Arrest Woman Leader for Praying with Torah at Western Wall

Publication Date: 
July 12, 2010
Haaretz Service
Anat Hoffman (Chairwoman of "Women of the Wall") holds onto a Torah scroll as police attempt to take it from her and detain her.

Jerusalem Police on Monday arrested the leader of the Women of the Wall group f

Gaza: Hamas's unofficial orders for 'Islamic' dress curtail personal freedom

(New York) September 4, 2009 -- Hamas authorities in Gaza should suspend all orders that violate personal freedoms, including imposition of an Islamic dress code for female students, Human Rights Watc

Israel: Modesty patrol 'mercenary' gets 4 years for assaulting woman

A mercenary for ultra-Orthodox modesty patrols was sentenced to four years in jail in a plea bargain Sunday, for the aggravated assault and intimidation of a formerly Haredi woman.

Women break silence over 'honour killings'

THE Abu Ghanem clan has lost another of its women, the ninth in eight years killed for supposedly breaching the family's honour.

Jewish ‘modesty patrols’ sow fear in Israel

Some terrified that mere perception of impropriety could ruin their lives

Man who tried to murder sister sentenced to 14 years in jail

Nazareth Court finds Khaled Muslemi guilty of attempted murder, says 'despicable phenomenon of murder under pretence of 'honor killings' must be condemned.

Police error leads to plea bargain in 'honor killing' case

State's arm twisted in case of four Lod siblings accused of 'honor killing' after police mistake places department's informant in danger.