Middle East/North Africa: Journalists & Cyber Activists In the Line of Fire

Publication Date: 
April 28, 2011
Article XIX

Article XIX Statement: From Morocco to Bahrain, everyday people have taken on the cast iron hold of dictatorships and absolute monarchies resulting in an extraordinary collective awakening that has paved the way for epochal change in the region. The youth movement, which lies at the core of the uprisings, continues to play a prominent role in the pro-democracy and pro-reform demonstrations, which have swept through the region, unabated by government clampdowns or concessions.

Yemen: Women of the Revolts are Catalysts for Change

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March 8, 2011
Gulf News
Tawakul Karman (centre) is president of Yemen’s Women Journalists Without Chains and a member of the Islamist opposition party.

Representing all age groups and various backgrounds, they have proved to be the catalysts for change.

Dubai: The words of a mother whose son was killed by the Tunisian police in Al Qasreen area last December still ring in the ears of Hedia Belhaj Al Sebai.

"I have given my son as a martyr to Tunisia, and I still have four more sons whom I am also willing to sacrifice for the sake of my country," said the mother after her son was shot dead by the police during a protest, according to Hedia, a woman activist in her late 40s.

"Guardian Angel" of Gulf Transsexuals

Inter Press Service News Agency

"Guardian Angel" of Gulf Transsexuals

Suad Hamada interviews Bahraini lawyer FAWZIYA JANAHI

Bahrain Offers Women No Protection from Spousal Rape

Bahrain Offers Women No Protection from Spousal Rape
Suad Hamada

by Suad Hamada
- Bahrain -

Al-Wefaq not for 15 as minimum age to tie knot

MANAMA: Lawmakers from the largest opposition bloc in the Bahraini Parliament are opposing setting the minimum marriage age for girls at 15, saying this is against Islamic principles.