The following are cases of stoning, "honour" killing, whipping and other forms of culturally-justified violence that the Campaign is following. If you have information on a case, write to us at

Note: There are few instances of specific whipping cases in Iran on this page. This is because whipping/lashing is so common in Iran that it often goes unreported. Women and men are given lashes for a variety of reasons of Iran, including but not limited to drinking alcohol, walking with non-relative member of the opposite sex, not observing the “Islamic” dress code, attending a mixed-sex party, etc.

Sazan Bajuez Abdullah Germany "honour" killing
Banaz Mahmoud Bakabir Agha United Kingdom "honour" killing
Unnamed woman Saudi Arabia whipping/lashing
Unnamed woman (“The Girl from Qatif”) Saudi Arabia whipping/lashing
Layali A. United Arab Emirates whipping/lashing
Shaheen Abdel Rahman and Unnamed woman United Arab Emirates whipping/lashing
Doli Bibi India whipping/lashing
"Hamed Yaseen Saeed, Mohamad Hasan Yousif, and 2 Unnamed women" United Arab Emirates whipping/lashing
"4 Unnamed Women" Indonesia whipping/lashing
"2 men and 2 women" Indonesia whipping/lashing
Rad Zemah Sinyaj Mohammed and Wasini bint Sarjan United Arab Emirates whipping/lashing
Zuwayra Shinkafi and Sani Yahaya Nigeria whipping/lashing
Unnamed Girl Sudan whipping/lashing
Aziza Salih Adam Sudan whipping/lashing
Multiple Sudan whipping/lashing
Sadia Idries Fadul (Pending) Sudan stoning
Amouna Abdallah Daldoum (Pending) Sudan stoning
Mahboubeh M. and Abbas H. Iran stoning
Names Unknown Pakistan stoning
Name Unknown Pakistan stoning