The following are cases of stoning, "honour" killing, whipping and other forms of culturally-justified violence that the Campaign is following. If you have information on a case, write to us at

Note: There are few instances of specific whipping cases in Iran on this page. This is because whipping/lashing is so common in Iran that it often goes unreported. Women and men are given lashes for a variety of reasons of Iran, including but not limited to drinking alcohol, walking with non-relative member of the opposite sex, not observing the “Islamic” dress code, attending a mixed-sex party, etc.

Allah Dewaya Pakistan other March 2008
Rand Abdel-Qader Iraq "honour" killing April 2008
4 Women's Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) Iran whipping/lashing April 2008
Khouloud Mohammed al-Najjar, Israel/Palestine "honour" killing June 2008
Sandeela Kanwal United States "honour" killing July 2008
Unnamed man Saudi Arabia whipping/lashing
5 women Pakistan "honour" killing July 2008
Khalidiya Syria "honour" killing
ZN Syria "honour" killing
Rekha Govaki India "honour" killing
Unnamed Girl Syria "honour" killing
Nasim Boota Pakistan "honour" killing
Matma Singh India "honour" killing
Yasmeen Pakistan "honour" killing
Unnamed Girl Jordan "honour" killing
Hoda Salem Egypt "honour" killing
Aqsa Parvez Canada "honour" killing
Unnamed Girl Pakistan "honour" killing
Sadia Sheikh Belgium "honour" killing
Zahra al-Azzo Syria "honour" killing