March 2009


AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan's prosecutor has charged a man and his two sons for the premeditated murder of his 19-year-old daughter Saturday, in the latest "honour killing" to take place in this conserva

Unknown woman


Teenager was burned to death in India

Tuesday March 24,2009

A teenager has been burned to death at her home in India in an "honour killing" by neighbours.

Boyani Gichana, Yobensia Onguso, Sandimu Mageto, Mary Yusita and Ongubo Ichari

Five lynched over witchcraft claim in Kisii
Published on 28/02/2009
By Robert Nyasato and Paul Gitau

Unnamed Woman

An Afghan woman commits self-immolation in Herat

This is the third case of self-immolation by Afghan women in Herat which is being reported in the past two weeks.


NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has upheld a judgment by a lower court here sentencing a woman and her daughter to life imprisonment for killing her elder daughter at Uttam Nagar in West Delhi in 2002

Rajwati and Mukesh

NEW DELHI, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Two cases of honor killing took place within two days in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in which a 21-year-old girl and a 38-year-old woman were killed by

Khamisa Sawadi

Saudi Arabia: Court sentences 75-year-old woman to lashes

Vali Azad

سحرگاه پنجشنبه پانزده اسفند ۱۳۸۷ طی اقدامی بی سابقه در گیلان مردی ۳۰ ساله به جرم زنای محصنه سنگسار شد

Unnamed Woman

AMMAN (AFP) — A Jordanian teenager was charged with premeditated murder for strangling his sister after her husband divorced her over an alleged affair, a judicial official said on Friday.

Quratul Ain

ARACHI: Twenty six year old Quratul Ain eloped from her house six months ago, marrying the person with whom she intended to spend her entire life with.