November 2008

Saima Khanum

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN: A woman underwent burn injuries when a man flung acid on her after she refused to accept his marriage proposal, police and hospital authorities believed on Wednesday.

Naziah Masih

SARGODHA: A sister was slaughtered by two brothers because she refused to give up her job.

Name Unknown

A 26-year-old Jordanian man was charged with murder on Friday after his 23-year-old sister was shot dead in an apparent "honour" killing, a security official said.

Saima, Sana and Nasir

Father burnt alive his daughter, son-in-law and niece

LAHORE, July 27: The following incident took place in Shera Court,

Banaz Bakir Fatah


On the second of July, Banaz Bakir Fatah, 36 years old, was murdered by her husband, Kamal Muhammad. Both come from Sulaimanya but were living in Norway.

Leila Hussein


Mother who defied the killers is gunned down

Tasleem Solangi

The young woman, accused of having an extramarital relationship, was mauled by dogs and shot to death by her uncle, who has the protection of the tribal court in the area. A land dispute was at the center of the killing. Unanimous condemnation from the political world; human rights associations call for justice.

Unnamed Woman

Jordan's criminal prosecutor has charged a 25-year-old man with premeditated murder for allegedly stabbing his sister to death last week.

Prosecutor Tareq Shqeirat said Thursday the man allegedly stabbed his 19-year-old sister 30 times with a dagger on Saturday. Shqeirat says the man surrendered to police and told them he was cleansing his family's honor.


Hapur (ghaziabad ): A 22-year-old girl was, on Wednesday, shot by her brother in what appeared to be a case of 'honour killing'.

The murder took place in Hapur's Asora village, where the girl Priyanka was on a visit to relatives for the last two days. Priyanka's brother, Sonu, and another man arrived at the village and, stopping only to fire three shots into Priyanka, they rode away.

According to Hapur police sources, Sonu, resident of Hapur, had been, for sometime, seething about Priyanka going to Dehradun to live with a man without actually being married to him.